Blue Cove
Population, (Unknown) 60 [2]
Population, 2011
Population, 2006
Population percentage change, 2011 to 2016
Total private dwellings
Private dwellings occupied by usual residents
Population density per square kilometre
Land area in square kilometres
Visible Minority (%)
Homeownership Rate
Median value of dwellings ($)
Median monthly shelter costs for rented dwellings ($)
Average total income of economic families in 2015 ($)
Participation rate
Employment rate
Housing Starts, 2017
Blue Cove is located of route 440 near Plum Point on the Great Northern Peninsula. The community was first inhabited by the French in the 1800’s where the fished along the French shore [2]. The community was named Blue Guts Cove in 1911 and renamed Blue Cove in 1912 [2]. Natural resource extraction has been a key economic force in the community with residents partaking in the seal hunt, forestry, and the fisheries mainly cod and lobster [2].
In the last 40 years the community has continued as an inland fishing community [2]. With two public staging areas and a government wharf [2]. Blue Cove contains little services however residents utilize services of many communities nearby including Plum Point (4 km south), Port Saunders (65 km South), and Flower’s Cove (32 km North). There are two groups within the community the Harbour authority and the Fisherman’s Committee [2].

Dr. Leith Deacon PhD