Port au Choix
Town of Port au Choix
P.O. Box 89
Port au Choix
A0K 4C0
Population, 2016 789 [1]
Population, 2011 839 [1]
Population, 2006 893 [2]
Population percentage change, 2011 to 2016 -6 [1]
Total private dwellings 408 [1]
Private dwellings occupied by usual residents 363 [1]
Population density per square kilometre 22.2 [1]
Land area in square kilometres 35.61 [1]
Visible Minority (%) 3.3 [1]
Homeownership Rate 87.5 [1]
Median value of dwellings ($) 80,213 [1]
Median monthly shelter costs for rented dwellings ($) 604 [1]
Average total income of economic families in 2015 ($) 89,838 [1]
Participation rate 65.4 [1]
Employment rate 38.5 [1]
Port au Choix is a fishing community located on the west coast of the Great Northern Peninsula, off route 430 along the Viking Trail in Newfoundland [3,4]. Port au Choix forms the sheltered harbour of the Black Arm and the majority of residents reside in on the Port au Choix peninsula [4]. Incorporated in 1966 the town acts as a major service centre for the surrounding area [3,5].
Port au Choix is home to remnants of human civilization dating back some 4500 years. Among the many historic features are; a large maritime cemetery exists with graves dating back 500 years, the Point Riche Lighthouse which was constructed in 1892 on the site of an earlier lighthouse, french bread ovens popular of a tradition dating back 300 years [6]. Five cultures have used the area including Maritime archaic indian, Groswater Paleoeskimo, Dorsets Paleoeskimo, recent Indians and European [7]. Foundations of cod fishing stations have been found dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries [7]. Benie island in Port au Choix is the location of some of the first interactions between Aboriginals and Europeans which focused on the fur trade between the Inuit and Basques [7].
The town developed around fishery including a shrimp plant that has employed generations of residents as well as the cod fisheries [8]. Industry includes fish processing and a collection centre [5].
The Newfoundland and Labrador Municipal Affairs and Environment branch hosts a copy of Port au Choix municipal plan and has copies of zoning and land use maps [9]. Under the economic setting section of the municipal Plan 2015-2025 outlines the Towns dependency on the fishery [10a, pg 20]. The plan outlines a desire to increase economic diversity from the dependency on the fish plan. Objectives under this planning goal include maintaining serviced developable lands for residential, industrial and commercial growth, encourage home based business [10a, pg 29].

Dr. Leith Deacon PhD